Guangala is a company with more than 30 years of market experience, German-based and Ecuadorian-developed. We are the second generation of exporters, and also leaders of market in taste and sustainablity.

Guangala distinguihses itself by quality and taste per volume, the fundamental pillars on which this company was created. With this initiative, Guangala provides services to the farmers and international clients, who were looking for a good quality cocoa with flavor consistency.

  • We help farmers to maintain the highest standards of quality, improve production, taste better their grains.
  • Guangala has felt the need to boost a level of sustainablity in agriculture for decades. It has always provided logistic support and has shared agricultural knowledge with the sector.
  • The agricultural sustainability plan and social responsibility seek a more accesible reality for the farmers that reach hundreds of producers, as well as benefiting hundreds of families directly of indirectly.
  • Guangala provides the farmers with tools that could be used for training and refreshing the knowledge of their personnel in order to improve the crop treatment and a proper continuous management.
  • Guangala sees the social cause as a consequence of productivity and quality cause. At guangala, we think that an improved productivity goes hand in hand with better economic returns.



World Cocoa Summit 2015

World Cocoa Summit 2015 For the second year in a row, the Guangala Certified team was present at the World Cocoa Summit that was held from […]

Guangala Family Day

Guangala Family Day On Saturday, July 25, at the Difare Sports Club premises, the Gungala Family Day was celebrated. It was a day filled with fun, […]

The new training and awareness program

The new training and awareness program From the beginning of our sustainability program, we are providing informational lectures to the workers of the group member farms. […]


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