Guangala has felt the need to boost a level of sustainablity in agriculture for decades. It has always provided logistic support and has shared agricultural knowledge with the sector, because the global need of a sustainable and certified cocoa increased in the past few years. Due to this reason, a help program was started for the farmers in order to maintain the best quality standards, improve production, have better taste in their grains with a guide of good management and practices, as well as demanding them that the treatment of the people invloved should be above the market standards

The agricultural sustainability plan and social responsibility seek a more accesible reality for the farmers that reach hundreds of producers, as well as benefiting hundreds of families directly of indirectly. We have more than 4000 hectares of sustainable land in the country on which the effects of productivity are always about immediate and long-term improvement.

Guangala sees the social cause as a consequence of productivity and quality cause. At guangala, we think that an improved productivity goes hand in hand with better economic returns. That is why, a mutiple steps plan is enacted, where the best agricultural management compensates the best environmental management, best use of hydrological resources, elimination of child labor, better working and social conditions for the workers or the farmers that enter the program.

With these continuous and permanent training and education programs, the farmer learns to improve their crop, and replicate the infomation and learning in other crops, thus improving their abilities, and at the same time the living standard of farmers and producers.



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