The cocoa is a perrenial Ecuadorian crop that is gracious with the environment, as a properly managed crop has a very limited use of pesticides and related chemicals. Consequently, the flora and fauna manage to live together with the cocoa crop without acting as pests of the same.

Guangala provides the farmers with tools that could be used for training and refreshing the knowledge of their personnel in order to improve the crop treatment and a proper continuous management.

What are farmer services?

We provide training in:

• Irrigation, harvest and fertilizer use.
• Soil maintenance.
• Varieties of plant patterns.
• Natural resources and Biodiversity.
• Traceability, identification and separation.
• Integrated pests management and crop protection.
• Management of workers´ rights, health and safety.
• Logistic in crop recollection in applicable areas.

How can you purchase farmer services?

If you wish to acquire these services, contact at (593-4) 265 8135

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